536. Burlington, Kit Carson County (CO10)

This was…unexpected. It’s a lot more modern than I expected, quite stunning and white. It’s not brutalist or anything and it’s certainly not the best courthouse I’ve seen thus far on this trip, but it’s certainly not the worst. Unfortunately, that’s about the highest praise I can give it. It’s still in the bottom quadrant in the bad category, not quite good enough to make it into the slightly higher worse than average category. But it certainly cuts a figure.

Remember back in Purcell when I was talking about maybe photographing water towers? No, I didn’t up and decide to add that to my schtick at this late point in my travels. I came here for a cache. In fact, if you look really close, you can see it…

Of course, maybe you don’t want to look that closely so here it is, attached to the foot! Being so simple and to the point, it was the easiest and peasiest of the lemon squeeziest. Also, as a sidenote for all you lexical nerds out there, I honestly thought I was making up the word “squeeziest.” Imagine my surprise to learn that it’s actually a real word! But that’s neither here nor there. What was important was that here was completed and I made all reasonable haste to there, there being…

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