537. Wray, Yuma County (CO11)

There’s something very earnest and simple about this courthouse. It reminds me of some of the stucco courthouses that I saw back in New Mexico even though it’s obviously brick. Then again, it’s a simple courthouse for a simple town. I took the opportunity to avail myself of the facilities and take a few minutes to meditate (I do that sometimes when I’m a little tired. It basically resets my brain and chases away the mental fatigue so I can at least keep going until I can get some actual sleep). Luckily, when I exited, I wasn’t followed out. But that’s neither here nor there. I was out here for a reason and, once my mind had cleared, I set myself to it.

I ended spending a lot of time looking for a park and grab that turned out to not be there. Or at least I couldn’t find it. So I ended up going off road to a family cemetery, or rather near a cemetery. The cache was named for the cemetery, but I don’t think of it as that because it wasn’t actually at the cemetery, just kind of near it. Katydids bounded away as I approached it. The log was drenched and, was I not short on time, I would have let it sit for a little while under the sun and dry. Time, however, was not on my side. I put some ink on the log and got to moving. That was all that mattered in the end. The dirt road turned back to pavement and the pavement to asphalt. A final turn and I was on my way to my next destination…

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