547. Fort Morgan, Morgan County (CO16)

Another good, solid courthouse with just a skosh of color. I almost ended up at the combined court building, but I knew something had to be up. It seemed much too modern for what I thought this place might be like. Besides, as on several other occasions, the County Clerk’s office saved me. As a complete and total sidenote, while I like the word “skosh,” that spelling doesn’t look or feel right to me no matter what Miriam-Webster says. I only defer to them out of respect for their devotion to lexical consistency, but I don’t always have to like it.

Another convenience store, another lamppost cache… This time with a slightly larger container! Ok, so not every cache or county can be the stuff of adventure. But a cache is a cache is a cache. This one was happily logged and accepted. I wasn’t exactly blown away by Fort Morgan, but then again, it wasn’t meant to blow me away either. It did at least turn out to be quiet and uneventful. The real eventfulness of my day would begin once I arrived in…

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