562. Cripple Creek, Teller County (CO30)

Is this the first use of various bricks to create a pattern that I’ve seen? I think it might be. Whether it is or not, it’s very striking. Not only is the courthouse very classic in style, I like the way it takes the mundane brick and turns into something quite aesthetic. Kudos to the builders! I’d like to say I’m impressed that such a small town managed such a nice courthouse, but I have to admit that some of the best ones I’ve seen are in some of the smallest seats.

Well, that was easy. The cache was a nano behind the town casino, just sitting right there and I quickly noticed something: the magnet was not sticking to anything. I’ve never heard of a magnet dying like that, which it interesting, because I’ve always wanted a few nanos with dead or no magnets for reasons. It also opened up an opportunity for me!

This is the first time I’ve ever brought my cache repair kit with me on a trip! I’ve got pill bottles, bisons, logs and all sorts of replacement parts, dealies, and doodads. I also brought a bunch of spare nanos! I decided to switch the original one for a fresh one so that the cache could stick somewhere as nature intended, unfortunately, the log was too big for the nanos I had. The original was just a little bit bigger than mine, so I ended up leaving it as I found it. Poopy. Thus is life, I guess.

Since I was stopping right by it anyway, I ended up grabbing a virtual around the corner. I was there and it was there so why not? I did what I needed to do to make the claim and then I shot off. The casinos and the kitsch that seems to surround them just hold no allure for me. The allure of home (or rather the need to get there) tugged me ever closer, but did not prevent me from stopping in…

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