A Third Year Gone By

Three years.

I cannot even fathom the idea that I’ve been writing this for three years. I cannot fathom that my streak is still going. Though I have not written about it, I cannot fathom that I literally returned from completing another state yesterday, either. Of course, you’ll spend the next month reading about that once I’m finished with Colorado, but still… I’ve even got another trip planned for before that new series finishes, so I should have content into November, but that’s neither here nor there…

All that said, 1600 caches (holy crap!), 236 counties (double crap!!), and eight new states later (triple crap!!!), I’m still here, doing this thing we all love, and still writing about it. You may or may not have noticed a couple of changes from before (I am not referring to the logo and banner art. Those are the work of Nathan and Ains Y from the beginning of this year). After cajoling and haranguing, I have finally added an About page. Know that this is a thing, considering how I feel about artists and their work. I am also adding a donation/patron page. I’ve had a good number of people ask how they could donate and I always let it pass because I’m going to do this anyway and I feel strange about asking for money. That said, I’ve have a different way of seeing it now: I’m going to do this anyway, but if someone wants to help me? Well, I’ll accept the aid of others to accomplish my goal thankfully. And if nobody offers anything, that’s fine, too. I’m going to do this regardless because the plans I have for the future? Such plans I have…

Raise your glasses, my friends! Year Three ends! Here’s to Year Four!

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