575. Napoleonville, Assumption Parish (LA54)

I ended up spending a few minutes trying to decide if this was the courthouse or not, finding a memorial and signs about events from Napoleonic times along with the cornerstone dated 1896.  Eventually, I turned around and saw the big sign that read “Assumption Parish Courthouse” and that kind of sealed the deal in my mind.  I like the clock tower and the whitewashing, but I liked the accompanying buildings less.  They’re painted and constructed in similar style, but they’re laid out around the grounds in a weird way that ultimately subtracts from the aesthetic of the place.  Overall, though, it was better than bad so that’s good enough for me. 

The cache was on the next block over, a quick walk away.  A small container glued (more likely epoxied) under a fence cap, it was quick, easy, and to the point.  The sun was just starting to lower in the sky, and I estimated I should have one more parish worth of sunlight to work with.  With that, I mounted back up and set off again, racing the daylight to make it to…

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