576. Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish (LA55)

Now this is a courthouse!  It never stops amazing me how so many small county (or parish) seats seem to have such grand courthouses.  To be fair, calling it small may not be quite fair, but at a population of 15,000-ish, for me it qualifies.  As I wrote this, I found myself playing a little catch up.  So, whenever I go to a new county (or parish), I make notes about the courthouse, the cache, and anything of interest.  So imagine my surprise when I looked at my list of notes to find I had none for this parish!  Luckily, this was a pretty short and quick stop, so there wasn’t much to have forgotten.

When I pulled up to the GZ, I knew exactly where the cache was and what it was. The hint merely confirmed it. I ran my fingertips around the upper rim of the hydrant and there it was, a nano in the crease underneath. I’ve seen a great many of these so I would have been totally thrown if it was something completely different. So I did what needed to be done and then prepared to go. This was the last parish of the day that I would meet in sunlight. That wasn’t important, though. Many caches have been gotten in the dark, and my photography solutions cover a number of darkness levels. I took off into the twilight, prepared to photograph and, more importantly, take notes at the courthouse in…

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