599. Troy, Doniphan County (KS060)

So, this is a really weird courthouse.  It doesn’t seem to have a front.  Rather each of the two sides has an entrance and the front, which has the flags, is one giant window and wall.   Not the weirdest layout, but kind of strange…  I remember one or two courthouses with something similar, but definitely the exception.  Also what’s up with this giant Indian sculpture out front (if that can be considered the front)?  I’m sure it’s very symbolic of the Native Americans who used to live around here, but there’s something unsettling about it with the way it’s lit, a preternatural revulsion of sorts.  It just feels like it’s going to turn and look directly at you at any moment.  I’m not the superstitious type (except when it comes to cemeteries at night, but I think that’s a different issue), but I didn’t want to approach it at all. 

The cache was a small locked electrical box on the back of a gazebo in the town park.  Not a bad urban hide for out here in the middle of nowhere.  If it wasn’t quite as full as it was, I might have left something.  I haven’t been doing as much of that as I planned because I’ve been focused on swooping in and out as opposed to leaving uni-coins and dropping trackables and stuff like that.  I decided to do something about all that as I continued forward, but having successfully swooped in, it was time to swoop out.  I was about to hit a city of some size and was looking forward to some rest once I finally reached…

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