600. St. Joseph, Buchanan County (MO007)

Alright, Saint Jo, that’s pretty magnificent. I have seen cities larger with courthouses far less impressive. Of course, I’ve actually heard inklings of your name in the past, so I know that you were much more of a thing once and therefore aspired to greatness, and, much like Evansville, didn’t quite make it, I think.

The cache was a little magnetic doodad on the top of a parking garage. That was tiny, half the width of a nano tiny. I don’t remember ever seeing one that small. It was also pretty fortuitous. Considering St. Joseph was the largest place I was going to see for a while longer, I thought it would be a good place to bed down for the night. The parking garage was quiet and close to the courthouse. I tipped back the car seat, placed a hat over my eyes, and got a few hours sleep. I awoke to a dark, chilly fall morning, shrouded in fog. Had I been less groggy or more of a morning person, I would have taken fog shrouded photographs of the city. Hindsight, though, is 20/20 and I was only looking forward. As always, I was on a schedule, with places to be and things to see. Before the sun could burn off the chill I was on the way to…

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