601. Savannah, Andrew County (MO008)

This was a good way to start off the morning. The brick together with the white clock tower made for a very striking look. I ended up having to drive around it a couple of times to figure out where the front was. There was no flagpole to guide me and the dumpster wasn’t helping, so I had to take the best educated guess I could. Only now do I realize that, with 600+ courthouses under my belt, my “educated guess” might actually count for something. Ultimately, I used the orientation of the statue on top of the tower to make my final decision. I also encountered the recurring problem that I have with vehicles with Bluetooth connections: the second I was back in range of the car, it started playing the last thing I was listening to. Consequently, Leonard Cohen broke the chilly morning silence on the square. Sure, there were much more jarring things that could have blasted across the cold plaza, but suffice it to say that this is an incredibly annoying function and, as far as I’m concerned, less a feature than a bug.

The cache, on the other hand, was not as auspicious. There was supposed to be a cache across the street from the courthouse in a pocket park, but I couldn’t find it. No doubt, I missed that one little thing which would have been the difference between victory and time wasted. The funny thing is that I don’t even know what that might have been, It was big enough to have a lock on it, so it wasn’t like I missed a nano on some big iron, but I just could not for the life of me find it. I ended up going to the county recycling center on the edge of town, finding a bison in a door frame. That was good enough for my purposes and I could continue on, hoping I would have better luck in…

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