721. Minneapolis, Ottawa County (KS099)

Not that Minneapolis.  The other one!  I wish I could say I was unenthused by the courthouse because I was tired.  I was tired, but I could also tell this was objectively not a great courthouse.  Or even a good courthouse.  I guess it’s not bad per se, but I could be wrong on that point.

I opted for the closest and easiest cache.  That was not a hard decision, since there were only two in the town proper.  The local history museum “hooked me up” (as they say in the vulgar argot).  I don’t know what the hint was supposed to mean, but I did find the cache in a hole in a rock standing out front.  It took a few minutes longer than I thought it should have.  Maybe it would have gone quicker if I had gotten the hint, but that didn’t matter.  I found it, signed it, and decided it was time to get a little rest.  The next day would begin my long trek home, and I still had a few more counties to hit on the way out of the state.  Resting now would make for a less harrowing trip upon the morrow.  I slept for a few hours in front of the museum, sheltered by the darkness and the sparse population of a tiny town.  I awoke still in darkness, my teeth chattering me awake.  I shook the cobwebs from my head and cranked the heat up, hoping to regain my internal warmth reserves.  Warm air pressed into me as I set off on the road to…

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