722. Lincoln Center, Lincoln County (KS100)

The courthouse was alright and all, but I have to admit that I was getting to the point in the trip where I had less to say about courthouses. When I’m running and gunning so much in a relatively short period of time (at this point I had driven about two thousand miles and been to over forty courthouses), it’s hard for me to have much commentary. One day, when I’m retired or independently wealthy, I will do five to ten counties a day and sleep each night in a bed, remaining refreshed and witty. Unfortunately, today is not yet that day. Regardless, it is a nice enough courthouse that I neither congratulate nor castigate.

Someone was kind enough to put a Virtual on the grounds at a Union soldiers’ memorial cannon. It was easy enough to find the proper information to send and then I was off again (the sooner the better) to…

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