720. Salina, Saline County (KS098)

All right, Salina!  You’re killing me here!  So, this is the building I can best identify as the equivalent of the county courthouse.  The District Court and County Clerk are both based out of here.  I guess this is what I’m looking for.  Of course, across the street is the Saline County senior center…

Really, guys?  Why turn the old courthouse into a senior center?  If it isn’t suitable for the business of the county, how is it suitable for seniors?  I mean, wouldn’t you want something more modern, with easy access and without multiple floors, if you’re going to have people who might be prone to falling?  I get turning it into a museum, but this doesn’t seem like the wisest course of action.  Of course, those more youthful than I might quip that the “senior center” still serves the same function. I have the feeling that they could have put the building to a different, better, safer use.  That said, the senior center is more aesthetically pleasing than any other building I’ve seen in town.  

I thought about grabbing the closest cache I could find to the courthouse/senior center/whatever, but cops were swarming all around downtown.  Every time I looked up, there was a cruiser rolling by, turning a corner, or popping disco lights.  I was followed by two of them at one point, both hovering like vultures, waiting for me to do something.  I quickly came to the conclusion that I wanted nothing to do with any of it, so I decided to grab a cache on the edge of town in roughly the direction I was going.  At least I got a slightly different type of lamppost cache for my troubles.  Easy peasy with a side order of lemon squeezy.  Once I applied my signature and returned to the car, I once again hurled myself into the night, intent on reaching…

2 thoughts on “720. Salina, Saline County (KS098)

  1. “I was followed by two of them at one point, both hovering like vultures, waiting for me to do something.” When reading your tales, I always think… Geocaching while Black is adventurous enough, “Geocaching at Night while Black” is a whole nother level.


    1. On a certain level, you’re right. It’s nice to get things done while everyone is sleeping and can’t see what I’m doing. On another level, sometimes weird stuff happens at night… That said, when I eventually do Mississippi, I’m NOT rolling at night. I intend to be in a hotel room safe by 9PM every night.


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