704. Blair, Washington County (NE21)

Absolutely lovely!  I wish I could have gotten here during the day to photograph it.  Even though the photograph is passable, there was just enough lighting in the foreground areas to keep me from getting a really good shot of it, especially the tower.  I’m not a photographer, but lighting always seems to be the issue, doesn’t it?  That said, it’s always nice to see a memorial in front of a courthouse dedicated to Union soldiers instead of Confederate ones.

As for the cache, will wonders never cease? The CO said that the cache was an LPC, and it was! Saying a cache is a certain way, and then it actually being that certain way? That’s crazy talk! What kind of witchcraft is that? The only complication was that the nearby muggles (much like in Wayne) looked like they were engaged in a drug deal. What kind of Cornhusker Babylon do I keep stumbling into?

Once I had done my work here, I looked at the time and decided it was probably a good time to get some rest. I had earned it. I didn’t know it yet, but I had broken a personal record. I had been to twenty-three counties in twenty-four hours, topping my previous record of twenty-one counties back when I finished Arkansas. I took the opportunity to gas up, and then grabbed a few hours of sleep in a Wally World parking lot. I can rarely sleep more than three or four hours at a time in a car like this. If it’s too warm, I sweat myself back to consciousness. If it’s too cold, my teeth chatter me awake. Either way, the reclined car seat is never the most comfortable way to doze. That works out to my advantage, though. It usually means I awaken early, passably rested and ready to go. I did so again, still covered in the shroud of night. The morning would be upon me soon enough, so I shook off the cobwebs and began my new morning’s trek to…

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