705. Fremont, Dodge County (NE22)

Yes, a stately courthouse that is now beginning to look somewhat cookie-cutter to me.  If I went back through the archives, I’m sure I could find five or ten similar examples.  Perhaps I was wrong in the past, and this is the Sears courthouse equivalent? Or at least an equivalent? Sears usually had many models.  This would be the luxury version, I’m guessing. 

This was originally meant to be a pre-dawn photoshoot, but unfortunately, your humble narrator was affected by hubris.  I attempted to get a cache on the way here in a normally high-muggle area.  I mean, what better way to avoid them than to go for it at 6:00 on a Sunday morning?  The fact that it was a higher D/T than I normally get out on the road was where I made my mistake.  While I had my ladder at the ready, it’s difficult to find a micro in a tree before pre-morning twilight, especially when it’s high enough up that you need a ladder.  The courthouse offered hope because someone was kind enough to put a cache in the parking garage across the street.  Unfortunately, that involved trying to find a cache in a parking garage, a task I dislike almost as much as I dislike looking for them in train cars.  I failed.  But there’s always hope (if your county has more than nine caches in it).

I ended up opting for one at a local volunteer fire department.  In theory, this nano shouldn’t have been as difficult as it was to find because the hint suggests that you let a certain named person lead you to it.  You don’t find out until you’re onsite that the person’s name appears in two completely different places, both of which are completely cache-worthy.  I spent a lot of time searching in the wrong place until I ran across the second citation of the name.  In the end, the nano was acquired and signed, but my mistake and earlier hubris cost me at least half an hour or more in Dodge County.  The moral of this story is: “Cacher, be not proud!” Cool caches are great when you have the time, but when you just need to find one, a cache is a cache is a cache.  I rolled out, crossing the bridge over the nearby Platte River, and finally made it to…

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