700. Wayne, Wayne County (NE17)

This is a lovely traditional courthouse and a welcome pick-me-up after Ponca.  Of course, I am trying to solve a riddle here.  I’m trying to figure out their stance on flags.  They seem a little ambivalent about them, but it’s hard to tell.  I just can’t put my finger on it, so maybe one of my keen-eyed readers will notice and be able to reveal it to me.  But that is secondary to the tasks at hand.  Once I had taken my photos, I needed a cache.  I ended up finding one on the edge of town at a small airport.  I was a little hesitant to go for it once I arrived.  The side lot had a couple of cars on one end, parked next to each other in opposite directions, as if the occupants were making some kind of drug deal from the comfort of their interiors.  On the other end of the lot was a nice, wholesome family enjoying some time together outside of their camper.  I was torn between these two dissimilar situations but decided to park and go for the cache anyway.  It was the most highly favorited in the county, after all.  I tromped over to the highway bridge beside the lot and ducked beneath it. 

Bee-hold!  An apiary travel bug hotel!  Very cool!  I snagged all the trackables and dropped an equal number to move them around a bit.  The wind was an issue because the tighter space under the bridge seemed to focus and strengthen it in just the place where the cache and I were.  It was also trying to cut through me like a knife.  The temperature had dropped twenty degrees since I arrived in town, going from warm, windy, and sandy to cold and sandy.  Once I did my trackable business here, I made a straight shot back to the car, avoiding the campers and the criminal activity, to warm my bones.  I was quickly back on the highway, jagging back and forth southeast, racing to beat the sunset to…

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