701. Pender, Thurston County (NE18)

Well, it’s a courthouse.  An effort was made.  I think someone wanted something nicer, but since it’s a poor county, they couldn’t afford the clock tower, scrollwork, or detailing.  Something on the grounds did catch my eye: a time capsule with no date on it.  Since it’s a time capsule, it’s going to be exhumed one day, but when?  By the time the date, whatever it is, comes around, everyone will have forgotten that there was a time capsule to dig up or when they were supposed to do it.    

I thought I was going to run into an issue with Thurston County, as it’s very cache poor. All but one of the caches seemed to be in cemeteries, and that last one was really far out of my way. We all know I don’t go into cemeteries at night, both out of respect and because of superstition. So I raced the sun to try to get to one near town before it got too late. I made it with ten minutes to spare and figured that working into twilight would give me enough time to do what needed to be done. It turned out to be a lot easier than I had expected. The cache was an ammo can right behind a headstone. I’ve seen similar caches, but none quite like this, sitting out so obviously. It was devoted to the person buried there, the CO’s nephew who died in Iraq. As I mentioned before, back in Papillion, it is not a simple thing to serve your country. Regardless of any of that, he was loved. In the end, that’s all that really matters. I made my claim, set off for town to do my courthouse photography, and kept going, intent on making it to…

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