639. Marshall, Searcy County (AR58)

For about a minute, I was afraid that this was going to be a replay of Jasper. Sure, the flagpole and war memorial were all out front, but I couldn’t be entirely sure of that. A quick walk around, however, assured me that this was, in fact, the front even though the back has a pretty decent candidate for the position of central entrance. There was also a small extension with an elevator on the side that was kind of weird and also looked like it might have been the front too were it not for the awkward placement. To sum up, this courthouse was momentarily confusing, but I got over that quickly enough.

I grabbed the cache on the way into town. After a jaunt down the highway that saved me from the scary on-again/off-again dirt roads, I ended up at a local restaurant in a different small town. The coordinates, while leading to the restaurant, were pretty far off, but the hint told enough to know it should be in or around this big old piece of steel. A quick walk around with maglight in hand and I was able to find something under one of the wheel wells. It was quickly opened, signed, and returned. With that accomplished, I was off to the courthouse and with that photographed, I was off to leave this county as quickly as I had arrived, though hopefully less anxiously. I departed the bosom of Marshall and raced into the waiting arms of…

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