640. Clinton, Van Buren County (AR59)

The courthouse, unfortunately, was not particularly impressive. It also suffered a little from the Christmas decoration I try so hard to avoid. I’m sorry to give you a dose of it, but one does what one can. Also, I don’t remember the bottom half being discolored like that. I can’t remember if it was a shadow from another building or some weird artifact from photography. I think it was the former, but who knows anymore? I sure don’t.

The cache claimed to be a nano, but it was actually a bison on a fence. The name said it was somehow connected to a church, not pictured but across the street, but it was on the fence of a house. I assume the house is maybe a parsonage or perhaps storage of some sort. At least they were nice enough to put it in an alleyway so I wouldn’t be too suspicious. I definitely wouldn’t have gone for this during the day, it being too near houses for my liking. It was starting to get to that point of the morning when people start stirring for work and other such things. Sure, it was a holiday morning, and I expected a lot of people to sleep in, but I wasn’t going to take that chance going forward. This was the last cache like this I was going to attempt as the sun began making its ascent. Darkness would not cloak me much longer as I made my way to…

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