641. Heber Springs, Cleburne County (AR60)

The sun had risen over Heber Springs as I pulled up to the courthouse. Getting a good look at it, that’s an interesting dome they’ve got up there. Otherwise, the Christmas virus had struck again. I’m not entirely sure why I was so annoyed and, consequently, complaining about the decorations. I knew they were going to happen eventually. I just don’t like them interfering with my photography, especially since not everyone who reads this might celebrate Christmas. I don’t want to be holiday (or lack thereof) exclusive in that regard. However, it is well know that Americans in general love their Christmas crap so I hope none of you will hold it against me for, if not my insensitivity, my inability to do much about the Christmas theming.

The cache was a simple LPC at a Sonic on the way to town. Simple, and to the point. I snagged on the way to the courthouse making short work of this county. With this and my photography done, I was headed down the road, shades in place due to my eastward trajectory, bound for…

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