643. Melbourne, Izard County (AR62)

If I had to describe northern Arkansas, I would say that it’s a Gillian Welch album come to life, gorgeous and delicate, full of longing.  At the same time, as we have previously established, I hate winding mountain roads.  I still cannot stress to you how much I dislike them.  I had already tired of driving so many that day and wondered how I managed to get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time at all.  Through my grumblings, I managed to look upon the courthouse.  The Art Deco screamed WPA, but it turned out I was only half right: it had been built by the National Youth Administration (which I had never heard of before), originally a division of the WPA until 1939.  Since the courthouse was constructed from 1938-1940, I call it a half victory. 

As for the cache, do you think I found it?  Truth be told, it would have been a park and grab if it hadn’t been on the median of a street and would have required me to block traffic to get it.  So I parked at City Hall and walked across the street to grab it.  When you have a cache called “Reflect On It,” you really don’t have that many options of where it could be.  With precisely zero fanfare, I did what had to be done and then set off again, this time headed for…

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