644. Batesville, Independence County (AR63)

This is a big old courthouse on a tiny piece of land.  I don’t see a courthouse square here at all so I wonder whether or not they even have one or if I just missed it.  And, of course, Christmas is out in force.  But you know what else is here? 

A big old Confederate memorial.  Haven’t seen one of these in a while, at least not one worthy of comment.  Turns out that the flagpole was dedicated by the Sons of Confederate Veterans in June 2004.  I know I said long ago that if I talked about Confederate crap every time I saw it I would have a conniption fit.  In this case, I think the irony warrants it.  There’s a bell, so that’s nice, too…

My first attempt at a cache was thwarted by muggles.  I went for one in a pocket part when a large family decided to spend 15 or 20 minutes taking photos in front of the Christmas tree contained therein.  I eventually decided I was tired of waiting so long and slipped away to find less muggle infested quarry.   The actual cache turned out to be an ammo can at a local museum!  I’ve seen several “regular” sized caches lately that turned out to be something much smaller.  It’s nice to see not only a legit ammo can, but to find it in a semi-urban setting.  The museum is dedicated to the original boundaries of the county when it encompassed here and 11 other surrounding counties.  I would have gone in, but as you can imagine with it being Black Friday and all, it was closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Full disclosure: I’m not 100% sure I would have gone it.  Maybe I would have looked for a postcard, maybe I would have been more concerned with daylight and picking up counties.  I cede it would probably have been the latter since I was trying to complete an accomplishment that I’ll get to in a later entry.  Regardless, with the log signed and the can returned, I was off again.  The cold morning and the sun kept fighting for supremacy as I cruised on down the road, coming to rest again in…

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