645. Walnut Ridge, Lawrence County (AR64)

Well, the courthouse serves its purpose, I guess?  It was probably the 60’s.  Or maybe the 50’s?  I couldn’t find a cornerstone to confirm the date and I’m pretty sure in the 50’s and 60’s the town fathers would be scrambling over themselves to get their names on it.  It might even be from the 70’s, but I’m not putting my money on that.  Either way, not great, not terrible.  I can show that much largesse. 

I grabbed the cache on the way into town.  Obviously, it’s a matchstick holder with a magnet in it attached to a fire hydrant.  I’ve seen lots of magnetic doodads on hydrants before, but this was in interesting variation.  Of course, it can only be done if you have something tall enough that you can put the cache under the lower lip as opposed to the upper lip.  If it was on the upper lip, it would probably disappear really easily I think.  Then again, what do I know about anything?  I only knew that with this and the courthouse I was done here so I quickly continued on to…

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