646. Jonesboro/Lake City, Craighead County (AR65)

The courthouse in Jonesboro quite lovely.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get as much of a chance to look at it as I would have liked because of the homeless population surrounding it.  I’m sure I could talk about that for a while but the upshot was that I could only get a couple of quick shots before coming under the scrutiny of muggle eyes.  Lake City, on the other hand, is obviously an old bank that has been converted to the county’s use.  I guess it does the job though.  It was funny though because while in the county and checking information regarding these courthouses, I ran into a few articles referencing an Arkansas judge who posits that all the dual county seats in Arkansas are actually invalid because no votes had ever been held nor legislative mechanisms ever invoked to officially establish them.  He says that people have been acknowledging these dual seas for so long that they have become de facto seats, but has also gone to court to say that they are ultimately unconstitutional.  Part of me wants to hunt down his Master’s thesis asserting this in detail, but that would divert from the true essence of this trip: it’s about the caches.

I ended up aborting several caches in Jonesboro for the same reason I didn’t get a great look at the courthouse: muggle eyes.  Eventually I came to the wall of a church parking lot and found my prize, something simple and interesting (to me) in a crack.  With nobody around to give me the proverbial stink eye, I did my duty and then was prepared to leave.  The scrutiny here was palpable, but was far less daunting in…

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