647. Paragould, Greene County (AR66)

The courthouse wasn’t all that impressive in and of itself.  It’s obviously a modern version of something.  That being said…

…right across the street is the previous historic courthouse.  Therefore, as an attempt to emulate an older structure, the courthouse is not bad.  Not great, either.

The cache was a film canister hidden in a wall.  Unfortunately, the last finder (with his whole eight finds) decided to rehide it about eight feet off the ground.  I’m a six foot guy and I couldn’t reach it.  I ended up having to stand on chairs (yes, plural) to get up to it.  The real problem was that I really couldn’t find anywhere lower to place it so I had to put it back.  Short people are going to have issues with it and it makes me feel bad that I couldn’t do something about that, especially for a cache that was obviously supposed to be simple.  But a cache is a cache is a cache.  And it was time to continue on my journey.  It was also time to mark a minor change of pace.  I drove across a border as I made my way to…

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