648. Kennett, Dunklin County (MO011)

Welcome back to Missouri! At least this time I got a nice little voice welcoming me to the state. Lovely courthouse. Well played, Dunklin County! Not only are you a very solid-looking creature, but I also really like the colorful tiles. As much as I like classic-looking courthouses, a splash of color in places can make quite a difference in how friendly they are.

As for the cache, it turned out to be a magnetic doodad on a lamppost at a Wally World.  When I pulled up to it, there were a couple of ne’er-do-wells in the back of a truck just hanging out, watching what was going on.  I thought for a moment about going for another cache, but after all the time I had spent dodging muggle eyes back in Jonesboro, I didn’t want to have to retreat and find another yet again.  Luckily, I brought one of my most important tools: my clipboard.  I pulled it out and started making notes as I inspected the lamppost.  I was able to snag the doodad and then sit in the car to sign it.  Of course, I “forgot” to take photos of the site, so I came back and “took” them, slipping the cache back into its place.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again (even though most cachers already know it): look like you’re working, and you become pretty much invisible to most people.  As a sidenote, this cache was part of a series dedicated to fast-food mascots.  The one real deviation was one paired with this one.  Since this one was devoted to Wally, there was another named after The Beaver.  I appreciate television callbacks just as much as the next guy, but, as a Texan, I say if you’re going to have a cache devoted to mascots and any Beaver, and you’re not invoking the holy name of Buc-ee’s, you’re doing it wrong.  Sure, this was Missouri, but that’s no excuse.  The CO, regrettably, is guilty of high treason in the state of Texas.  But that would be a trial for another day.  With my work here done, I turned myself back towards the west.  No, I was not heading home, but I would begin inching myself closer to home for a while.  I got back on the highway and chased the path of the sun to…  

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