651. Ash Flats, Sharp County (AR69)


Just NO.  Was this made in the 70’s?  Perhaps.  Was this designed by the same architect who designed Pizza Huts?  Maybe.  I haven’t even figured out if this was supposed a crappy office building or a crappy something else that’s trying to fake being an office building.  While it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, it is not good.  Full stop. 

I actually made a huge mistake in coming here.  I was so angry about the last county that I forgot to look over the map for caches.  Consequently, I passed by a lot of caches on the way here.  There was only one near Ash Flats and, had it not been there, I would have been doing a whole lot of backtracking, burning even more valuable time.  I ended up finding a matchstick tube on a M46 Patton.  Veterans memorials are nice, but I can never help but think the best way to honor and care for soldiers (and sailors, airmen, and marines) is to keep them from going to war in the first place or to get them back as quickly as possible if they’re there.  Don’t thank them for their service, take care of the things they’re going to need when they return home from the battlefield.  I think a lot of people on both sides of the political aisle lose sight of that, some out of jingoistic pride, some out of unfeeling rationality.  Either way, that is what should be done, but since I’m certainly not undisputed Governor of Earth, I can’t do much about that.  That twinge of sadness in my heart, I returned to the road, barreling into the night, headed for…

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