652. Salem, Fulton County (AR70)

You thought I wasn’t happy with Ash Flats?  I had to drive around this thing two times to figure out where the front was!  There’s a flag that’s part of the war memorial, but not one dedicated to the courthouse itself.  None of the faces look particularly majestic or entrance-worthy.  This building does not inspire confidence.  Sure, the salmon color is interesting, but otherwise?  That’s a negative, Ghost Rider. 

As for the cache, the local tourist center was kind enough to leave one for me.  It was once an ammo can, but it is no longer.  Credit where credit is due, though. It does blend in well with the AC system.  I passed by it the first time and thought to myself that it was just some kind of strange condenser filter (I worked for an AC repair company many, manyMANY moons ago) and only caught it after a second pass.  It wouldn’t have gotten me in the daylight, but in the dark?  I considered myself, for about two minutes, “got.”  I opened, signed, and returned it in short order and then was off again.  I had a date with destiny coming, so I was quite glad when I hit the city limits of…

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