This Year Ends

Soon this year will be over. As of this writing, I have been caching for 1297 days, and I’m on Day 1294 of a streak. This year I have made six hides and found 1890(?!?!?) caches; including 1002(?!?!?) FTFs (mostly resulting from group attack of several new Geoarts in the area this year); hundreds of trackables; caches in 259 new counties and county equivalents in nine US states, resulting in the completion of Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas; and traveling more miles than I care to count at this point. I wrote a piece for the Geocaching Blog, went back on GeocacheTalk for the second time, and, of course, I was on NPR both nationally and in Connecticut. And somehow I managed to write about ninety-two thousand words here. I almost can’t imagine what more I could have done this year. Moreso, I can’t imagine how next year could possibly top it. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to try, though!

I hope you all have a good ending to your year. I hope you’re all toasting the good times with people you care about tonight. I hope your final caches of the year are as much fun as the first. I’ll try to do the same. Good luck, and, as hoary as the joke is, I’ll write again next year!

5 thoughts on “This Year Ends

  1. Congratulations on a year well-done! A question for you – do you log the benchmarks which are inevitably found at or right near those fabulous county courthouses you visit? When I travel from up here in Alaska, I enjoy stopping to see the county courthouses and finding the benchmarks there that represent the spatial infrastructure network that webs our nation. Again – thanks for a year well-done, and a terrific blog series. You’re often my best pick-me-up moment and reminder there’s a bigger world out there in the course of a routine or troubling day.


    1. I don’t. I note them from time to time when I see them, but I haven’t made an active attempt to log them.

      That said, one day I’m going to have to go up there. I’m mentally preparing to mail myself from borough to borough!


  2. Just wanted to let you know I’m on a streak of reading your blog; haven’t kept track exactly, but probably for a couple hundred days, more or less 🙂
    Congrats on your caching stats.
    Greetings from MD.
    ~Roger, caching as zorrobarnes


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