665. Erie, Neosho County (KS082)

I would probably be more disappointed in this courthouse had Fredonia not already maxed out my disappointment meter (at least, I hope it did). On any other day, this would probably have been rated 3/10 in my book at best. After the Tragedy of Fredonia, though, I’ll give it a shaky 4.5/10. That said, despite the cornerstone there, I do not believe this courthouse was erected in 1904. I only wish it were.

Once again, there’s always a cemetery. I grabbed this one on the way into town, another Micro in a tree, but this time with thorns! I sometimes worry that I’m starting to sound jaded about cemetery caches. I’m not, but I think out of the hundreds of cemeteries I’ve been to in the thousands of caches I’ve found, I can probably count the truly good cemetery caches on both hands. This day especially, I was running about 33% decent when it came to that, but I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. As I have often said, a cache is a cache is a cache. Jeebus knows I could start sorting for favorite points out on the road, but I don’t. Any lack of quality in caches I find can be significantly (though not entirely) faulted to me. But again, something something undiscovered country, something new horizon something something. At least (spoiler alert) I would be pleasantly surprised with the cache I would find on the way to…

One thought on “665. Erie, Neosho County (KS082)

  1. In the east, it’s hard because many cemeteries were family cemeteries from early settlements and have fallen into really bad disrepair. Many times I can’t even read the stones any more; they are so faded. I do enjoy visiting them, though. I think geocachers are about the only people who do sometimes.


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