666. Girard, Crawford County (KS083)

Nice! I approve! This one is lovely in a way that the last two counties were not. It’s got nice open space for activities, a gazebo, and even a helicopter as part of the war memorial in the back. Very nicely set up, but, as a weird little sidenote, I can’t help but be curious about the front doors, specifically why one of them is tiled up? I’m sure there’s a legitimate reason like having security instruments and equipment behind it or something like that. Times like this, I wish I could do more of this on weekdays so I could just pop in and ask these questions.

I opted to snag one on the way into town at a (surprise!) cemetery that looked easy enough to pop into and pop out. Once I arrived, I opted for another close-by cache. Why?

Because ruins! That’s why! Do you like ruins like I like ruins? Don’t get me wrong; I don’t like what ruins usually represent and say what you will about Albert Speer (and there is more than enough to merit the strong and heartfelt exhortation “BLANK that guy!”); a broken clock is right twice a day (and boy, was that guy broken). There’s definitely a beauty to Ruinenwerttheorie. Whether it works as an architectural theory for an entire civilization? Well, we’re still looking at Athens and Rome. The pyramids of Egypt, Mesoamerica, and Southeast Asia still mystify. I guess maybe? Either way, this was a much cooler thing to see and walk about in than a cemetery might have been. And once I visited the courthouse, I was done here. I continued on, not suspecting the long stop I would have in…

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