I took a day to do some Adventure Labs. I know there are a lot of people who don’t like them because they don’t consider them “real caching.” I get why they feel that way. I will even admit that they somehow feel a little “less than.” However, if a Virtual can be considered real and a Whereigo can be considered real, how can a hybrid of the two be less real? At the same time, though I usually aim for a cache a day, whenever I do an Adventure Lab, I make a point of doing two or three at once so that it feels like I did something more. This time I decided to do a series around Q2 Stadium, home of Austin FC, Austin‘s soccer team. Fun fact: until the team came along, Austin was the largest city in the country without a major league professional sports team (sorry, Ice Bats, but you don’t count). Sure, they’re hardly Real Madrid or Manchester United, but they’re ours.

I took a little walk around, got close enough to the appropriate points, read the appropriate signs, and decoded the appropriate puzzles to find the five of them. That was a good cache haul for the day. I returned the next day to grab the bonus (and spiritually more legitimate) cache. While I found it easily, I somehow missed the tether attached to it. Instead of pulling it up from my easy vantage point, I ended up embarking on a long walk through brush and detritus that I didn’t have to make. I got the cache though, and victory requires no explanation.

Of course, yesterday I picked up a new souvenir. I took the morning off work (not being independently wealthy, I must prostrate myself for the Yankee dollar, meaning I can’t cache all day as I might like) to go to a couple of Events. After work, I hit a CITO. I was pleasantly surprised all around: I saw old friends I haven’t seen in a while and new faces I was pleased to make the acquaintance of. I hope you got two caches or Events and any reasonable variation thereof to get your souvenir, too.

Barring weirdness, this afternoon I should be going on a special mission. If everything goes according to plan, you should be reading about it on Friday. At the same time, if everything goes horribly off the rails, you’ll probably still be reading about it on Friday. Watch this space to find out if it ends up simple or stupid.

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