682. Newton, Harvey County (KS085)

It was lovely to finally be back on the road again. The trip up was pretty uneventful. I’ve mentioned how I have made a sort of game of trying to get the cheapest gas in an area. It’s taken on slightly different importance after the debacle of Arizona. I stopped at a relatively sketchy gas station to fuel up in Oklahoma City and spent the next 200 miles being galled at seeing gas everywhere that was cheaper by twenty cents or more. Eventually, despite the high winds buffeting me from the Texas–Oklahoma border all the way to Kansas, I made it. I wish I could say I was more impressed with this courthouse. Then again, a crappy courthouse is better than no courthouse. And I wouldn’t go so far as to call it “crappy,” so I guess it’ll do.

The closest cache was at the Newton Public Library.  It would have been tempting if it wasn’t almost 1 a.m.  It wasn’t like I wanted to dawdle here anyway.  There were several more counties in Kansas to grab before reaching my primary starting location, so I fell back on my mantra of “quick and easy.”  I opted for a Virtual at an art installation/sculpture named (ironically at the moment because of the darkness) Nothing but Blue Sky.  I have to admit, there was something kind of unsettling about it at night that made me hesitant to approach it.  Maybe something about the darkness or remoteness of the location or the wind blowing through made it unpalatable.  I gave it a wide berth, but easily found the information I needed to make the claim.  Once that was done, I mounted back up in the car and continued on to…

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