683. Marion, Marion County (KS086)

Quite a courthouse, wouldn’t you agree?  The illumination on the white stone made it visible from the edge of town at night.  I wondered how long it would take to get to it as I drove in because its weird brightness made it hard for me to gauge its distance.  With the possible exception of a grain elevator, this is definitely the tallest building in town and certainly the most stunning.  And I do seem to be a sucker for a clock tower, antique and square, as seems to be the fashion. 

I stopped for the cache in the nearby town of Peabody on the way to Marion.  If I had had the time, I might have checked out the 1880s downtown they advertise, but I thought that imprudent considering the lateness of the hour.  The cache turned out to be a simple lamppost at a school tennis court, placed by the local 4-H Club.  Personally, I think putting it that close to a school is questionable, but it wasn’t in a high traffic area, even if it was close enough to the front door that I could throw a small rock and hit it (the door from the cache, not the cache from the door, mind you).  All this was theoretical for my purposes.  There wasn’t an awake person for a mile around, school-aged or otherwise.  I did what needed to be done, and then, once Marion proper had been visited, I set off again to reach…

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