693. Dakota City, Dakota County (NE14)

This one was a little different from the examples I’d been seeing on this trip: low and long instead of tall with a smaller footprint.  Were the builders trying to emulate stucco?  Not a clue, but certainly unexpected this far north.  That wasn’t the strangest thing, though.  The strangest thing was the flagpole, which looked ramshackle and cobbled together.  I’ve seen better flagpoles carried by concertgoers at music festivals.  With all the wind that was still whipping up there, it looked like it could snap at any moment, bending to and fro like nobody’s business. 

At least the cache was a little better than that. I saw the most popular cache in the county was “all the way across town” and not terribly far away. After waiting for a passing train, I nipped over, and look what I found! A crashed spaceship with aliens and everything! The highly advanced alien technology guarded the cache against muggle eyes, but it was no defense against me! I tend to be a little reticent about caches on private property, but I figured it must have been visited quite a bit to become so highly favorited. Heck, the homeowner, who was working outside, even waved to me as I came to get it! That’s about as friendly as it gets! Things were signed and returned, and then I was off. I crossed the Missouri River again and entered a city I had previously only known from musical reference…

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