694. Sioux City, Woodbury County (IA06)

Look at that glorious hunk of art deco!  This was very much not what I expected to find up here.  Art deco usually has a simple elegance to it, but in this case, it was both simple and detailed in equal measure. 

The figures carved over the entranceway were gorgeous!  There were a few possible competitors for the county courthouse, so I ended up driving around downtown a little more than usual.  When I noticed I was passing one of the county’s most favorited caches, I decided to stop and take a look. When I did, I beheld …

… a library! I don’t usually have the time to do library caches when I’m on the road because it’s not common for me to be near them during library hours. This time it was the middle of the day, and I needed an excuse to get out and walk around a bit, so why not? The description said to look for a certain reference number, but when I found it, it felt strange. Of course, reading is fundamental. It took me a moment to notice the big red letters that read, “Ask the reference librarian for this book.” I went to the younger librarian at the desk, handed her the fake book, and asked if there was a real book. She looked at me strangely for a moment until the older librarian stepped in and told her, “Hey! You haven’t seen that yet!” The older librarian produced a book with the same title as the fake and traded with me. And voila!

The treasure was revealed!  I did what needed to be done, leaving a trackable zombie. He was searching for plots and got confused (because I’m a nerd of many varieties, figures of speech amongst them). Once all was done with Woodbury County, I drove off, listening to a song about the city’s most famous resident, reaching out for my ultimate destination…

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