709. Tecumseh, Johnson County (NE26)

Look at that stately, gorgeous dame!  I saw her from a distance, towering over the trees, as I was coming into town.  All I could think was that she was either the courthouse or one heck of a church!  It’s especially impressive because, although I should know better, I didn’t expect something so bright and large from a town of only two thousand.  Normally, I think I would have taken a photograph from a different angle, but I wanted you to see City Hall across the street, built in similar style, standing in her shadow, almost like a little sibling looking up to its big sibling. 

I also didn’t expect the miniature Hollywood Bowl, just a short walk across the grounds.  I bet the acoustics are lovely, but alas, I didn’t take to the stage to belt out a tune.  There were a few too many muggles on the square for my liking, and my throat was a little sore and dry for some reason.  That was alright.  I wouldn’t be there much longer anyway, since I had grabbed the cache on the way into town. 

There’s always a cemetery.  I had been caught behind a combine for quite a while as it slowly plodded its way towards town, so I was more than happy to pull off for this one and let the combine continue on its way.  It turned out that the coordinates were way, way off, but the log entries gave enough information to track it down.  After some of the caches from the day before, it was nice to have this one be easy enough.  Once it was signed and returned, I headed towards town, just in time to catch the combine turning left when I needed to turn right. I took my photos and shot off again, soon stopping in…

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