710. Pawnee City, Pawnee County (NE27)

Another lovely courthouse in another lovely Nebraska County.  Pawnee is pretty small, so it’s a reasonable enough representation of the county’s place of power.  Sidenote: I don’t remember seeing mythological details in the carvings and scroll work of other courthouses before.  That’s something different, so I’ll take it.  I didn’t want to spend too much time around here, though.  A church was just letting out across the street, and kids were starting to come over and run around the grounds. 

The cache was at the local historical museum. Apparently, the local 4-H chapter had been taking care of it for a number of years. I looked around and couldn’t find anything, then double-checked the coordinates. Dread began to spread over me. Was it in one of the buildings? I tried the doors on a few of the buildings to no avail and then checked the logs. A few people had mentioned that it took some strength to get the door open, but I had been putting everything I had against some of these doors, and they hadn’t budged. I’m a pretty big guy, so how were these self-described small women and older folks managing? All the doors I had tried must have been locked, and, in the midst of my steadily rising frustration and preparations for hara-kiri, I realized there was a building I had not tried, the small icehouse in the back. And voilà! It was not locked!

Once I was done and on the way to my next destination, I noticed that I would be passing the county’s most favorited cache, so I decided to take a short detour to grab it.  I almost wish I hadn’t.  While it took very little time, it was super disappointing.  The container was broken, and the contents were moldy.  The log was soaked because the broken container was retaining moisture.  It was a poor experience all around.  I don’t see why people kept giving this favorite points.  It’s not all that interesting in the first place, but compounded by all of this?  I know I tend to be a little stingy with my favorite points, but come on, people!  I logged it with a disapproving scowl on my face and then let it pass from my notice as I got back to my task.  All my new business (from a county perspective, mind you) had been transacted, but I had old business to attend to.  Some of it had been tended to on the way north, but a good chunk remained, and I turned my attention back to it with my arrival in…

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