The Great White North?

Or perhaps this would be more aptly titled “Abbotsford, British Columbia.”

I crossed the border into Canada for the first time in seventeen years. It was quite a thing getting here. There’s a little thing in the back of my head that has always doubted I’d make it here. But here I was. I got checked into my hotel room and got some dinner. Then I attended an Event dedicated to celebrating whatever milestone you wished to honor. I didn’t have one yet, so I thought about it and quickly realized my thinking was flawed. This was my first cache in Canada! Go me! Of course, it wouldn’t be my last. Heck, it wouldn’t be my last of the evening.

I went off for a cache a little west of town, so far, in fact, that it crossed from the Fraser Valley into the neighboring Greater Vancouver (honestly, I don’t even begin to know how Canadian political subdivisions work) for a special Letterbox Hybrid. There were all these cars and a bus parked on the sides of a slightly rural residential street when I arrived! I was there just in time to see a busload of Germans load back on and depart. I chatted with some of the people (including the House of PodCacher) while waiting in the blessedly short line to get inside …

… this beautiful, beautiful TARDIS. I knew what it would be from the name of the cache, so there was no way I could skip it. I don’t think this has ever come up, but I am a longtime Doctor Who fan. I used to watch Peter Davison and Jon Pertwee episodes on PBS late at night in my youth. When the new series started, I was almost spellbound by it. For a quarter of a second, I got to be the madman in the blue box.

I’m not going to tell you how to open the container pictured above, but as you can tell, it has a lock, and you have to find the combination inside the TARDIS. With the exception of the A.P.E., this was probably the most awesome cache I found that day! You bet whatever you have to bet that I gave it one of my stingily hoarded favorite points! I would have given it ten if I could!

But with that, (and a couple other quick caches picked up along the way), I began the trek back to the hotel to get some sleep. In the morning, the Big Show would begin. After two years, I would finally make it to the one and only…

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