731. Bellingham, Whatcom County (WA04)

We all know that I’m not a fan of the modern courthouse, but this one isn’t too bad. It’s got an entryway that invokes the Palladian model, with Art Deco touches that make it more alive and flowing. It’s catty-corner from a gorgeous piece of Art Deco that I originally thought might be an old courthouse but turned out to be city hall. That’s kind of funny since I was almost thrown by an old city hall that looks exactly like a courthouse. That third building is what I would have liked the courthouse to be, but then again, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

As for the cache, you wouldn’t think it would be all that impressive from the looks of it, just a locked Letterbox Hybrid on the side of a house. But what’s the combination? That’s what makes it impressive. The combination is only available in the name of the house’s Wi-Fi! You can even connect to it if you need to log something or some such! And what lay within?

A travel bug hotel! Simple and elegant, but clever as all get out. I decided that this one had earned one of my stingily hoarded favorite points. Then I took a little digression to get a Webcam!

As my buddy and I came up the back side of Western Washington University, we noticed a truck with two ladies exiting. It turned out they were also cachers, trying to do the same thing we were! We all chatted on the way into the courtyard and appeared on camera together. I am not a person who (normally) says no to a Webcam! There I am on the far left with my trusty umbrella in tow.

With that, I set off on the northward trek once more. I stopped to grab a Traditional and an easy Whereigo, but soon faced the reality of my moment. I had come so far to be here, and the journey’s fruition would begin when I took one step (and then several more) into…

3 thoughts on “731. Bellingham, Whatcom County (WA04)

    1. Both of them were good, but (don’t tell anyone) wait until I write Spokane. Both the courthouse and the cache were awesome. Though I can’t say much about the cache without giving the secret away, which is how awesome it was that I won’t even describe it!


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