730. Mount Vernon, Skagit County (WA03)

Now that is a courthouse! Unambiguous, unapologetic, no question whatsoever. It is vastly superior to its southern cousins (thus far), at least from a courthouse perspective. I was able to acquire some local newspapers nearby, but not a chai latte (I am so basic sometimes) because the coffee shop in the store with the papers had closed for the day. I am actively avoiding purchasing from the Seattle juggernaut for many reasons, but mostly because other coffee places also need love, especially those in the juggernaut’s backyard. Of course, I can’t support businesses that are not open, but that’s a different issue (which will reoccur, but that’s for later).

As for the cache, it was clever—a jar with fake foliage in a local park. I ended up thinking about whether I should favorite it based on my previous discussion of the subject. I opted not to give it one of my stingily hoarded favorite points because I’m just that guy (not to be confused with That Guy).

This is a good time to mention something. Usually, when I take trips, I do them alone. On a few occasions, I’ve gone on road trips with muggles (most of Louisiana, in fact), which has sometimes been frustrating, but mostly it’s been rewarding in one way or another. This is my first time taking a road trip with another cacher. I am doing this together with my buddy Buckandi (who has coincidentally shown up before). A fellow finisher of the Texas County Challenge, he has almost twice as many finds as I do but is not a county person. This is going to be his second state. I mention this because, while I mostly write about things from my own perspective, he may crop up over the course of this trip. After all, we’re traveling together. In this particular case, his is the hand holding the plant. So now you know. That fact, however, doesn’t have a ton of bearing on the fact that we drove up to…

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