734. Port Orchard, Kitsap County (WA07)

I liked the Art Deco–entrance thing they had going on, but otherwise, this courthouse was nothing more than a modern building with a brick facade. A little part of me wondered whether this had been an older, original courthouse front and they managed to preserve it for this building, but after my unplanned roadtrip, I honestly can’t say that I cared that much. I just wanted to get the cache and go!

The great thing is that there were a lot of highly favorited caches around the county!  The bad thing is that they were all at businesses or private residences, and they all requested that they be done during daylight hours.  I shook my fist at the broken-down ferry that caused me to lose out on them, but I managed to find something.  I grabbed a small cache in the nearby town of Bremerton. The cache turned out to be an LPC, and I had a little consternation over it for a minute.  Was it really a small cache or was it a micro?  I thought about it for a minute and double-checked the Washington State County Challenge.  It specified that the cache could not be marked as a micro (this wasn’t), and it had to be large enough to accept trackables and trade items (it was).  Good enough for government work!  I pulled out a big fat plastic Super Bowl ring for myself and logged it.  Victory requires no explanation!  I returned to my drive north, but took a left turn.  I had another county to hit before reaching my eventual destination, so I headed for…

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