740. Chehalis, Lewis County (WA13)

Now that’s quite a chonker! I almost missed it. I let Mr. Google’s maps lead me to the “courthouse,” and they brought me to an obviously modern county court building. For a moment, I panicked at having arrived at the wrong place. Then I looked over my shoulder, and there it was! If it had been a snake, it would have bitten me!

As for the cache, well, it was an electrical plate. On no day can I even try to justify this as a small cache, but the CO rated it that way, and (as I verified back in Port Orchard) if it’s marked as a small, it’s good no matter what. I felt a bit dirty claiming it, but it is allowed, and (as I have often said) victory requires no explanation. Besides, it made for a quick exit from the county, so I could turn back northward to get to…

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