751. The Dalles, Wasco County (OR05)

Again, I find myself impressed with the courthouse, but in a general small-town way, not in a specific feature-laden way.  The town itself was much hipper than Hood River had been, but it seemed to be more hip for its own sake, not hip for the sake of the outdoorsy folks like Hood River.  I also feel a little bad because I didn’t spend much time here at all.

The cache was a trackable hotel at a private residence.  The foliage growing along the fence line camouflaged it well.  I saw no sign of the homeowners, but I got the feeling they might have been traveling, possibly even to some of the events I had just come from or would be attending.  Trackables were traded out, and then it was back on the road.  Instead of taking the bridge, however, I popped south.  I was already here, so why go on to nearby…

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