752. Moro, Sherman County (OR06)

Once again, the courthouse was interesting for a place so incredibly small. It looked every bit as large as its population of 324 would suggest. The drive into Moro, on the other hand, was beautiful, skirted not by the brown grass I had begun to see as I approached eastern Washington, but by fields of wheat. Not only does the agricultural nature of the county reveal itself with every mile driven, but Sherman County is apparently the third largest producer of marijuana in the state. Between the windmills, weed, and wheat, it was pretty out here. And by “pretty,” I mean pretty rural.

The search for a cache took longer than expected, though. With few caches, much less highly favorited ones, there were no obvious candidates. The first attempt was a simple Multicache that wound up with a DNF and began my hatred of sagebrush. The second attempt bore fruit (as agricultural regions also do). There’s always a cemetery. In this case, the disused side of an old cemetery, which was odd because there was a newer cemetery across the road. In the back of the old cemetery was a small grove of trees and one is supposed to look up to find the cache. In this case, it was on the ground and required no searching. It was signed and returned from whence it was found before I set off again. Bidding adieu to Oregon, I crossed over the Columbia River again, returning to Washington and the theoretical allures of…

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