753. Goldendale, Klickitat County (WA20)

The courthouse was lovely! Art Deco, with white and blue highlights, immediately reminded me of some courthouses I had seen in western Kansas. The town, on the other hand, was not as nice. It’s trying to make itself more interesting, dare I say “hip,” but you can see the obvious divide between where hipness has reached and where it has not. I guess it’s nice to see towns that are trying to revitalize themselves this way, but I can’t imagine this would work for every town. It feels like there would need to be some kind of critical mass for this to work, but I know nothing about demographics and marketing and urban renewal, so my opinion in this regard is of dubious value. Had I world enough and time, I would have dropped in at the Goldendale Observatory, but alas, there were no nearby caches to justify the trip. Not that it really mattered. That detail had been handled before I reached town.

The cache was a key box on a guardrail. Not exactly inspired or anything, but it had quite a view of Stonehenge! It’s actually a war memorial made in the basic shape of Stonehenge, but that’s not the important bit. The important bit was that I didn’t know about it! It didn’t show up on my cache lists because they were all made to show smalls or better! I added in Virtuals because they’re quicker and usually have something interesting to show, and EarthCaches because they usually have something interesting to teach. In this case, I forgot to add the Virtual there. A D4 Virtual? Heck yes, I would have gone for it! Oh, well. I had to head off anyway. Time’s arrow only goes in one direction (according to the current incarnation of the standard model of physics), and it was beginning to fly by the time I got to…

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