754. Yakima, Yakima County (WA21)

The courthouse is what it is. I originally thought it was more modern, but it was built in the 1940s. That is neither a compliment nor an excuse. When I thought it was modern, the “faux brick” was the only saving grace in my eyes. Now that I know it’s not faux, I almost feel a bit disappointed. They could have done something better, more impressive. In the greater scheme of things, I guess it’s alright, but don’t expect me to be happy about it. I will say this, though, and it may seem like a weird digression: it was not lost on me that the courthouse was on Martin Luther King Boulevard. Usually, any road named MLK passes through a traditionally black part of town, not through the very center. Many years ago, Chris Rock famously joked that “Martin Luther King stood for nonviolence,” but “if you on Martin Luther King Boulevard, there’s some violence going down.” That joke has become less true over the decades since it was first told, both for good (community engagement) and bad (gentrification) reasons, but it does point to the fact that an MLK Boulevard/Road/Street usually runs through damaged outer neighborhoods, not the most central ones. And certainly not near the courthouse.

The cache was at one of the busiest intersections in town, near a giant covered wagon that draws the eye but also makes for a great distraction. While the cache is called Muggle Central, caching over the years has made me realize how self-absorbed people can be. A search began in earnest and ended with finding a matchstick container magnetically stuck to a piece of iron equipment. It was ultimately odd in that it was both easier and, at the same time, harder than it could have been. No matter the difficulty, it was found, which meant it was time to bed down for the night. There was food, a warm bed, and, in the morning, a chai latte (I’m so basic sometimes) before heading towards scenic…

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