Time Has Caught Up With Us, My Friends

It’s been a while since we’ve been current and all that. On a certain level, it’s nice to be able to have town after town, county after county to tell you about. Besides it being my raison d’etre with all these words in the first place, it’s easy to compile notes on somewhere I’ve been, throw out a few photos, and go on from there. Indeed, I have more than a year of (mostly) unbroken new counties during the Time of Cholera just like that. On the other hand, when things are current, I open up a little more about my life, my thoughts, sometimes even my plans and intentions. And, of course …

… I cache. NO, not every cache has the cachet of being awesome and clever and all that good stuff. But YES, every cache is a nice little slice of joy or entertainment or some kind of crap like that. Besides, be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.

And fun bonus photo: I was at a CITO a few days ago. I won most interesting thing recovered from the side of the road. Yes, that is the box of a mattress set. No, there was no prize. These are the things you don’t get to see when I’m writing about the road. Good times.

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