The Most Metal Event Ever!

The end of the year tends to be chock-full of events. The holidays bring out the urge to gather, and after two or three years of separation, people totally want to see one another. Add that, with Community Celebrations expiring at the end of 2022, everyone wants to use them before they lose them. Consequently, the calendar for the week of Christmas and New Year’s in and around Austin is pretty packed. A couple of days before Christmas, I went to an Event at the State Capitol, purporting to be a very “heavy metal” gathering.

And it was! Welcome to Austin’s Tuba Christmas! As they do every year, a hundred or more tuba and sousaphone players gathered to play Christmas carols and thrill the crowd. They and we braved the subfreezing temperatures for the sake of a bit of merriment and cheer.

That cool-looking horn player there is MyMaestro. His wife, Jvet, hosted. In all honesty, few of us made it, and with the weather, I can’t blame anyone who didn’t. Temperatures cold in the teens may be just Tuesday anywhere north of Oklahoma City, but here we’re just not prepared for it. But the ones who didn’t stay missed out.

I consider this documenting an Event, but it touches on something more universal. I’ve been to a lot of Events that are nice excuses to sit and gab, but not all Events have to be that way. Take a look at what’s going on around your town. You might find something that would be fun to bring your fellow cachers out to!

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