Iced Out

Austin received half an inch of ice in the last few days. I’m sure those of you living above the thirty-fifth parallel scoff at the notion that that’s even a problem, but we’re just not prepared for such winter weather (despite something similar happening just two years ago, but that’s a discussion for a different forum). The real problem is that all that ice buildup on overhead power lines has caused power outages in various parts of the city, most especially in my neighborhood. Consequently, I have (as of this writing) been without power for days. Never fear, my loyal readers! As fate would have it, my best friend lives next door and has a generator (purchased after the similar happening of two years ago). Between forays to the warmth of his house and blankets aplenty on my own bed, I have been fine.

I logged a challenge a couple days ago because I had no business being out on the icy streets. I know I officially am no longer working on my streak. I just haven’t stopped yet. Yesterday I was also going to log a challenge, but I got a text out of the blue from Carrot Killer. He was going for an FTF not far from my home and wanted to know if I wanted to come along. Of course I said yes! We picked up an icy cache that had published just before the storm hit. It was easier than usual to find because the tree it was in had split because of ice, making the cache visible from the car. I suspect it will not last long. We attempted another FTF from the same CO, but we ended up failing that one. It was listed as a small D1, but it was hidden in a very public, very busy, very trash-laden spot. We gave a quick search, but no joy. Had it been warmer, or drier, or less filled with muggles, maybe we would have given it a more thorough search, but it definitely was no D1. After some stops for a little cache maintenance, we got some lunch before parting and continuing on with our respective days.

This weekend is supposed to have springlike weather. I’ll believe it when I see it.

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